It’s Time to Take Charge.
Own Your Journey.
Define Your Destiny.

Shift. Pivot. Soar


Are you Stuck?

Highly motivated professionals turn to Emily Koft Coaching for Core Energy Coaching to uncover what’s holding them back.

The Core Energy Coaching process helps people tap into their inner purpose and passion, and connect that with outer goals to produce sustainable results.


You’re Not Afraid of Hard Work.

It’s time to dig deep to get what you want.
Our core energy coaching will help you pivot. Toss away false beliefs. Adopt new frameworks.


You Know You Can. You’re Ready. Let’s Go.

Professional coaching services designed especially for the highly motivated individual who is not where they want to be. Our clients are high achievers who want more, who are willing to dig deep and do the work to uncover what is holding them back and why.

Carrying baggage

Throughout our lives, we carry a lot on our backs starting in early childhood, following us from the playground to our professional life. We offer comprehensive coaching services to enable you to take inventory, gain insight and make changes to lighten the load to soar.

Our Unique & Proven Coaching Incorporates 3 Essential Components

Core Energy Coaching + Change Leadership + Organizational Effectiveness

Comprehensive coaching services that include exploring the many factors affecting who you are today and how you show up. We offer our expertise in all 3 areas to enable you to pivot and soar, personally and professionally.

Your Personal Journey Starts Here






This personal insight journey will then enable you to test and adopt new approaches that will unleash your ability to live mindfully, purposefully and adeptly within the professional organization that you are a part of today.

Emily Koft Coaching

I’m a certified professional coach who has been a consultant for the majority of my career. In working with global companies, I have had the opportunity to help leaders, high performing teams and highly motivated professionals be more effective in their roles and in the organization.

I bring my years of experience, expertise, professional training and formal education to offer professional coaching services for people who feel stuck. I am passionate about living mindfully, pursuing personal insight and understanding how to navigate effectively within organizations to fulfill professional goals.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you: to help unleash your full potential by first understanding limiting beliefs and gaining clarity to enable you to make shifts that enable you to soar.

Emily Koft Career Coach

Emily Koft

Certified Professional Coach; iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching); includes Core Energy Coaching™ and Energy Leadership™

20+ years working for and consulting with leading global companies on leadership effectiveness, relationship dynamics and organizational change.

Masters of Arts in Organizational Systems Design & Renewal, Seattle University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, The University of Connecticut

…I was starting up my company…I had gone through a difficult career moment. Emily supported me to “de-drama” my trauma. She listened, asked questions, and gave me tools to understand and manage my energy. She supported me to identify what I wanted to change and where I needed to go. She equipped me to move into a new phase, steadily and surely. I cannot think of a more reliable way to ensure and boost one’s professional journey, whether as a consultant, executive leader, or entrepreneur.

Lara G., Business Owner